Founded in 2007 by Christopher Sleboda and Kathleen Sleboda, Part of It works with artists to create products for causes they are passionate about. Sales from products benefit charities chosen by the artists.

Part of It stems from our belief that artists (and conscientious consumers) can make a positive difference in the world by supporting causes close to their heart. Expressions of protest, simple declarations, moving graphics that encourage conversation and dialogue—there are many ways to enter into and encourage civic discourse. We believe activism can be fun, personal, beautiful and engaging; we can all play a part in making a better world for ourselves, for our communities, and for future generations.

Christopher Sleboda and Kathleen Sleboda work together under the moniker Gluekit, creating images and illustrations. Their work investigates two and three-dimensional spatial relationships, design motifs, fragments, the flexibility of language and representation, and aims to communicate ideas through simple graphics.